It is a time when plenty of the yellow acacias blossom in the country side. Each year I take pictures of this pretty tree.

Mango rains

In the last week we have had a couple of rains. It brings the temperature down temporarily, but as soon as the sun comes out again, you are punished by the humidity combined with the heat.

These are the first rains after several months of draught and they come at the beginning of the mango season. It cleans the dust off the mangos. Since kids generally do not wash the fruits they pick, parents tell them that they have to wait for those rains to eat the mangos. It is not really working though. When there is very little food at home, a bit of sugar from the mangos is too attractive.

Increasing the proteins in the lunch program of primary schools

The lunch in the primary school is made of rice, oil, salt and beans. Parents bring around 3.5kg of beans per child for the whole year.

We have thought of a way to increase the amount of beans by motivating the children to cultivate it during their vacation. On 1/10 Ha and with proper seeds, each pupil can harvest over 40kg of beans.

To do this we first need the agreement of the parents to give up a bit of land (1/10 Ha) for their children. Since 15kg of the production would be for the family, this should help to convince the parents.

Since it is needed to have new seeds each year, half of the 25kg coming to the school would be sold to have cash for next year’s seeds. This would make the program sustainable without new funding.

Instead of the former 3,5kg there will now be at least 12.5 kg of beans per year per child. A major increase of proteins in the diet. 25% of the total weight of the beans consist of proteins.

The beans are often attacked by insects, neem would be used to protect them.

There are 3.600 children in the primary schools of the village where we are active.

We need  a onetime amount 12.000 euro to implement this project. Do you know organizations or people who could help? This is less than 4 euro per child.

Along the way


This year will be good for the locust beans (néré) harvest.

Citations of the week from Gandhi

Life is a mystery that must be lived, not a problem to be solved.

If everyone kept only what he needed, no one would miss anything, and everyone would be satisfied with what he had.

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