When you are used to traveling without any limitation, this period starts to be long. This long time away from Burkina forces me to reflect more on the best ways to delegate. Not an easy task!!!

Message de Abdoulaye Gandema (Bronze sculptor)

Abdoulaye Gandema

After a short stay in France where the pandemic had started, I returned to Burkina with fear in my stomach. When I woke up on March 10, Burkina had just registered its first case. Given the daily behavior of the Burkinabé (hygiene, social cultural grouping and non-compliance with instructions), the worst was to be expected. The confinement, above all, revealed the fragility of the economy. Many people live day to day, more than a month without income is not easy. Life had become difficult for us. It was a great relief when the lifting of the confinement was known. Nowadays life comes back little by little.

Burkina artists depend largely on purchases from expatriates and tourists. This source of income has completely dried up. So we have to find alternatives to sell our creations. It’s up to us to communicate better through social networks.

Students of the LAP are back 

LAP-students are back

On June 1, 4 of the 6 classes returned and the last 2 classes return on June 15. The BEPC and BEP agricultural exams will take place from July 14. Students who do not take an exam will be released on July 4. BEPA 1 students will start their 2½ month internship this week.

Washing hands

Checking the temperature

The students were happy to be together again and also to escape the chores in their families

Statue of the week 

To help a little the communication of our bronze artists we will put a photo of statue on each blog.

‘Couple danseurs’ from Abdoulaye Gandema

If you have some interest please contact:

For France : contact@apetitspas.fr

For other countries : info@burkinart.com

Quotes of this week 

The future is not what will happen but what we will do. “Henri Bergson

On the pretext that they have a future ahead of them, men live day by day. “Tristan Bernard

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