The rains are coming and farmers are getting ready. This farmer applying compost to his field.

News from the LAP

This week the fourth year students are passing a national exam called the BEPC. If successful the student can go further in secondary school.

We have 40 students passing this exam this year. The results will be known normally for my blog of next week blog.


Students have to pass the BEPC at another public school nearby. Here they are checking their bicycles the day before the exam.

While some are busy with exam, the lessons have ended in the other classes. The grades are out and 13 students from the first 3 years did not make it to the following year.

In the fifth year all students can go on to the next year.

Girls knitting and making dolls (copying a model given by Eugénie)

The dolls

Microcredit for women

Women who want a credit

Last week I talked about a woman who came to pay back the microcredit of the village of Sissa. This week we went with Odile to this village to validate the new list of the 340 women who want a credit.

Even if there is a good social control between the women, some women of the group will always try to be “smarter” by putting their young daughters on the list or women who are not in the villages. It is impossible for the women leaders to cross these names off the list. So all the women who want a credit have to be present when we come to the village to check the lists. Even with this we have seen a couple of women trying to insist that their young daughter gets a credit.

The only excuses we accept for not being at the meeting are participation to funerals and sickness.

Not easy to control 340 women, especially when they are awaiting their name to be called. The women who came early could seat on benches which are a bit far from where Odile is. They do not want to give up their places. Many women stand in between those sitting women and Odile. When called ,they do not hear their names. At the end of the calling, many women were left had to be checked out.

Each woman gets 25.000 FCFA credit (38 euro) for one year with a  7% interest rate. This project really helps poor women who otherwise would not have access to credit. Close to 3.000 women from the villages where ASAP is active have a credit with us. We have 100% repayment.

Child from the village Sissa

Woman from the village Sissa

Women from the village Sissa

Pictures along the roads

Many bees swarms on this Baobab

Detail of one of the bee swarm

Calao bird in a tree

Quotes of the week

Discord is the greatest evil of the human race, and tolerance is the only remedy. Voltaire

Tolerance is a virtue that makes peace possible. Kofi Annan

Hope you have a good week,


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