At the beginning of the week we welcomed two visitors who will stay with us for about 3 weeks: Stephanie is from Switzerland and will help us improve our process linked with production and sales control. Lucile is French and will look at our beekeeping project.

Rains are still falling which is not normal

LAP success and available space for new students

Saturday we had a meeting with the parents to inform them about the start of the new school year.

Fidel our technical supervisor is giving some explanations about the study program

I must have said something funny!

One of the main topics is the selection of the students coming to the LAP. In the past 3 years the number of students who come from the villages nearby the LAP is decreasing. They would like that we guarantee them a certain number of spaces now that the LAP results are good.

One of the reasons why those villages have fewer students at the LAP now, comes from the fact that the results of the primary school exams in those villages have been getting worse and worse, thus less potential candidates. Another reason comes from the difficult start of the LAP when we had to expel a large number of students. Those students are giving a bad image of the LAP to their siblings who have low motivation to pass the entry test we have for the LAP.

We told them that maybe they should look after their primary schools performance and motivate their children to come pass the test. We also explained that the fact that they were the first villages does not give them the right to have guaranteed space.

While we were talking to the parents, Eugénie held an awareness meeting with the girls of the LAP on sexual education.

Some pictures of my second visit to a permaculture farm

Kola fruit and flowers and general view of the farm

The red bird is back!! Picking up piece of grass to prepare its nest

Proverbs of the week

Corruption is a form of prostitution where the two subjects merge. It is moral and material.

Bihmane Belattaf

In an era of corruption, the absence and excess of flattery are also dangerous.


I wish you an excellent week,


Blijf op de hoogte van onze ontwikkelingen!