Fields at the LAP have been ploughed

News about the LAP

There was a bit of stress at the LAP since it was exam time for the 40 fourth year students (20 girls and 20 boys). Students need to be successful at this exam if they want to keep studying in secondary schools.

Results came out Tuesday and 29 out of the 40 got their exam (72.5% same percentage than last year). We have not yet reached our goal of 80%. Still very good results compared to the schools nearby which had less than 20% success rates.

Out of the 11 who did not make it, we will propose only to 4  to redo their fourth year. The other 7 will have to find another school if they want to keep studying. This is because either they got very low results at the exam or they have a discipline problem.

The students of the 4th year are now on vacation. The students of the first to third year are still in school working on the fields. This year we plan to cultivate 12 Hectares. The production of those fields is then used in the preparation of the meals of the students.

Besides working in the fields, students are preparing a show for the end of the year with 2 special trainers: music, dances, sketches…

Girls are doing  a lot of knitting during this time.

Girls are knitting

New arrival at the LAP: 130 chicks which will give us eggs in a few months time.

Looking for answers to decrease corruption

There is a lot of corruption and nepotism in Burkina.

It looks impossible to combat since there are so many people involved and there is so much diversity in types of corruption: getting a good job through contact / family, being admitted at an exam, getting cash to award contract…… Also what is not helping is that international organizations are corrupted as well.

So the question is should it start from the top? Then we need a revolution because top people will not let go of their privileges easily. Should it start from the bottom? Then it also needs a revolution, since only a few people fighting corruption will be like putting a pinch of salt in a big pot, it does not change the taste.

Do you have ideas on how to go about it without talking about revolution?


Saying of the week

Lies and corruption are the two warning signs of a decline in institutional freedom.

Corruption is something that is done by two: the corrupt person and the one who corrupts.

Have a good week,


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