Sesame field


We have 2 farms, one in Sokourani of 22 hectares and one in Mogobasso of 6 hectares. Through the years we have been trying various ways to exploit those farms. First it was supposed to be a show case for farmers for best practices how to cultivate. This did not work. Then we tried make the farm a service center for farmers: producing certified seeds, providing them with fertilizer and service for working their fields with tractors. This also failed, the farmers did not pay back their credits. The last 2 years we have been trying to work with companies selling seeds. This also failed due both our supervision problem and the unethical work ethics of the seed companies.

This year we have decided to work for our own project and try to be independent of others. As such, we have asked one of the technical teachers of our agricultural school (LAP) to supervise the farms. During the rainy season the 5th year students of the LAP have to do a training/internship. 17 of the 34 did this training at the the 2 farms.

We have cultivated beans, peanuts, lentils and sesame.

Our objective to produce good seeds in the farm of Sokourani with some production of vegetables during the dry season. In the farm of Mogobasso we are developing an activity of grafted trees (mainly mango and cashew nut).

It seems to be the right way to go. We will see.

Sesame plant

3 year-old cashew nut trees with lentils as a cover crop.

Chili peppers cultivated in Sokourani.

Some of the few flowers on trees this time of the year

Teak tree flowers


Cassia trees

Story of the week

A way to represent many situations in Burkina and the way large charitable organization work.

The director says to the teacher to ask the students for 0,5 euro each for a picture for their student card. The teacher goes in front of the class and says that the students have to bring 1 euro for the picture. The student goes to the mother and says that he needs 1,5 euro for a picture for the student card. The mother goes to the father asking for 2 euro for the picture. A very expensive picture says the father…..

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