Situation In Burkina

The situation of the Corona virus in Burkina is stable with between 100 and 150 cases per day. There is an average of 10% of the tests which is positive. More than 75% of the tests are for travel authorization. The limited number of tests makes us think that many more people have the Corona virus than what the official number indicates. The number of death of the corona virus is also going up.

On the political side, a new government has been put in place and since the election early November, Burkina did not get new terrorist attacks. It is not clear why?

We are talking a lot about vaccinations. The World Health Organization is worrying that vaccines will not be available for the developing countries. It is a very complicated situation. To have a herd immunity 70% of the people need to be vaccinated. How do you realize this in Burkina where people do not believe that the Corona virus is dangerous and the vaccines not available?

Each Monday morning before the start of the lectures, the flag of Burkina is raised while the national anthem is sung.

Focus on the workshops at the LAP

There are 5 gardens at the LAP. Each garden is under the responsibility of a class. The production of the gardens is used in the meals of the students. We will be opening one new garden in the coming months to produce Cleomes (African cabbage) with a drip irrigation system.

We also have a piggery, chicken coops and a stable.

This week we have started to artificially inseminate our 4 cows.

To feed the animals we have started a production of animal feeds.

Fidel (technical director) with students of the 7th year in charge of this production unit.

Quotes of the week

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”  Oscar Wilde

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”  Albert Einstein

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