27 May 2019

I am back in Burkina since a week while Eugénie is in the USA.

In this first week we had two rains. You can see farmers getting ready for the rainy season which they call “l’hivernage”.

News from the LAP

It is the end of the year and lectures are finished. End of next week the fourth year will be passing the national exam called BEPC

Students reviewing their notes outside the classroom.

The gardens will be used to cultivate during the rainy season. Only one of the 4 gardens has vegetables, cucumbers.


In June we will be able to taste the first bread produced by our bakery. The bakery is on the grounds of the LAP. The idea is to produce a bread with less wheat flour by using also corn or millet flour.

We will be using a traditional oven and we will recruit 3 persons (2 bakers and one person for distribution).



Security situation in Burkina

A lot of bad news is coming in the news: terrorists attacks against the churches, against the protection forces, fights between ethnical groups…

The government has lost control in several areas in the border zones. Terrorists are both using and terrorizing the population. It is not clear who these terrorists are: traffickers, Muslim extremists, or just manipulated young people.

Most of the people I talk with think that the ex-President Compoaré is funding the terrorists. In 2020 there will be presidential elections again and he is playing “pyromaniac/fireman” with the hope to be called back.

I am limiting my moves to the villages around the LAP which are still in a yellow zone.

Let’s hope that the government finds the strength and the methods to stop the terrorists….

Saying of the week

Terrorism and lies are the weapons of the weak, not the strong.

Modern terrorism is the means by which the oligarchies lead a clandestine war against the people, which would be politically impossible to conduct openly.

Hope you are well.

Until next week,



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