7 October 2018

So here am I again in Burkina Faso. Eugénie will join me in 2 weeks.

The rainy season has been good. Now the rain should stop so that villagers can begin to harvest their fields. Rains are no good for the roads. Communication is very difficult and challenging between villages. Also grass has grown a lot. First task for the children attending school is to clean the surroundings of the school.

Security situation in Burkina

In the past months there have been a lot of attacks from terrorists in the East and North of the country. I say terrorist, but it is difficult to know if they are jihadists or just common criminals. The area where those attacks take place is close to the border with Niger and Benin. It is also a zone with a lot of forests, making it easier to hide. Even before we talked about jihadists, the area was known to have a lot of “coupeurs de route” (bandits).It does not seem that the government is strong enough to take care of the situation. It is becoming almost “normal” to hear almost every day that several police men were killed…..

Luckily for us it is not affecting the area where we work.

Situation with medications in the public sector

Normally most of the medications are generics, provided by an institution called CAMEG for the public sector.

The government has made the health care for pregnant women and children under 5 years free of charge (consultations, birth delivery, medications). The government is supposed to pay the medical centers which provide the health care.

Well, some payments are made, but not complete and very late which starts a negative vicious circle:  the medications bought by the medical centers from the CAMEG are not paid. CAMEG cannot then buy medications to offer to medical centers….

This means that the medical centers, in order to have medications, buy them from pharmaceutical wholesalers at a higher price than from CAMEG. Of course the medical centers will first pay those wholesalers to make sure that they can still have medications.

The farms

The results at the farms will be just ok. Lack of control of the work, especially during seeding makes that the fields are not homogeneous.

Sesame field



Macuna flowers


For the school year 2018-2019 we will have 237 students. A 25% increase from last year. There are 125 girls and 112 boys. All are fully boarded.

We still need sponsoring for the students. If you wish to help, please do not hesitate to make a donation to ASAP.

The fields of the LAP are much better and more diversified than last year: corn, beans, lentils, manioc, hibiscus, sesame and sweet potatoes. At the LAP we had a very good control of the labor in the fields.

Beans, okra and lentils drying in the sun

Lentils plant


Proverb of the week

« Le grand succès des ennemis de l’Afrique, c’est d’avoir corrompu les Africains eux-mêmes. »

“The great success of the enemies of Africa is to have corrupted the Africans themselves.”

Frantz Fanon

« Lorsque les Blancs sont venus en Afrique, nous avions les terres et ils avaient la Bible. Ils nous ont appris à prier les yeux fermés : lorsque nous les avons ouverts, les Blancs avaient la terre et nous la Bible. »

“When the Whites came to Africa, we had the land and they had the Bible. They taught us to pray with our eyes closed: when we opened them, the Whites had the land and we had the Bible.”

Jomo Kenyatta

Hope you are doing well.

Until next week




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