The Coronavirus has reached Burkina Faso a well. There are cases in several cities. Three  government ministers and the US ambassador to Burkina have been diagnosed.

There is only one center where the test for coronavirus can be done, at the “centre Muraz” in Bobo Dioulasso. Three days ago the tester stopped working and it is still has not been repaired!!!!

Health personnel in Burkina, as in so as many other African countries, are used to make  choices on who to save. I was told that in the emergency room of the hospital in Bobo on Saturday night, any injured people who smell of alcohol would be left aside and priority would be given to the other patients.

Choices will have to be made if the spread of the virus continues. There are only 30 respiratory equipment in Burkina.

We cannot redo the health care system in Burkina, but we might be able to help in small way by providing equipment and products needed for protection and cleaning.


Last year we bought two “WATA” equipments which produce an active chlorine solution (bleach) just from water and ordinary salt:

Bleach is becoming a rare product and it is needed in many places for disinfection. We are starting to produce some in our office in Bobo for our staff and for local health centers which might need it.

The second equipment is at the LAP and the production there will be used for the LAP and for the small medical centers in the area.


At our head office in Bobo Dioulasso we have a sewing workshop where 6 people are producing washable protective menstruation kits. The model of the protection has been developed by the US association Days for Girls. This same association has sent us a model for protective masks.

They do not have the standard of the surgical masks, but they protect very well and we want to provide 2 masks per person, wash one and use one.

Proper protective masks are, as everywhere else in the world, very difficult to find in Burkina. Health centers as well as our personnel / students need them.

The production of the workshop has shifted from menstruation kits to protective masks. We are planning to produce 4.250 masks during the month of April.

For this we need funds to buy the basic materials and pay the personnel. The production cost for one mask is 50 eurocents.

We are looking for 2.125 euro for this project.

Would you like to help us? Please donate on the ASAP website.


Money can make people happy if it helps others. Andre Agassi

Thank you and please stay safe,


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