We are back in The Netherlands. A very different climate giving us a bit of  difficulties to acclimatize. The timing of our next trip is very much linked to the Corona virus situation and the presidential elections planned for November 22nd.

Baobab trees

Balance of Scholarships for secondary school project

After building primary schools in 12 villages, we wanted to help some of the students to have access to better secondary schools than the existing rural schools.

In 2007 we started with 3 girls and one boy who went to a boarding school in the village of Laba. The following year we sent 16 students to schools in Banfora. The girls attended the boarding school of Sainte Therese and we rented houses for the boys who attended the day school Louis Querbès.

From 2007 to 2011 we had a total of 67 scholarship holders. As of 2011 all new scholarships were for students at the LAP (Lycée Agricole Privé).

The group of scholarship holders in 2011

All those students came from the primary schools that ASAP had built in their village. Many of those students would not even have gone to school at all if ASAP had not built them.

From the 67 students 75% got a diploma after 4 years of study (BEPC), 36% got a diploma after 7 years of study (BAC).

From those 24 students, 3 joined the police and 21 went to the university. From those 21, one got a government scholarship to study statistics in Senegal and another one got a scholarship to become electrical engineer in India.

The main difficulty for the students has been at the end  of the scholarship. ASAP had been supporting the students probably too much and it was difficult for them to move forward without this help.

Here is the link to a small video about Adjara Millogo: https://youtu.be/oZvw-EA44rw

Taken into account the local environment, we are rather pleased about those results. Since now we are supporting children at the LAP, we will make sure that students are better prepared to take care of themselves when our support stops.

Thanks to the Jura Foundation and A petits Pas which have supported this project.

LAP new video

To complete the pictures of last week’s blog, here is the link to a video on the infrastructures of the LAP:


Sayings of the week

“It is often said, let’s give time to time, but we always forget to ask, is there any time to give?” Jose Saramago

“Time is the one thing in the world that everyone knows and experiences, and that one cannot see, feel, touch, direct, modify or define … it should be forbidden to talk about it.” Jean d’Ormesson

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