Too much rain

The rainy season started rather late this year. It seems that it will stop late as well. Since one week it has been raining almost every day. I had never seen as much rain as I saw yesterday. It kept pouring and pouring down.

With so much rain, travels in the country side are a nightmare. Most farmers will loose a lot of their harvest since they do not have places to keep them dry.

Only the grass is happy

New nursery school opened in Sidi 2

Nursery school in the village Sidi 2

This is the 6th nursery school we have opened. We are still missing some funds in order to built a house for the teacher and a shaded area for the children.

There are 40 pupils so far. We expect that there will be about 60 for this first school year. Pupils are children of 5 years old and the nursery school is only for one year.

Preparing the snack and drinks

Snack time (and learning how to use a spoon)

The children and the nursery staff

Mothers cleaning the school area.

Proverbs of the week

God has created land with lakes and rivers for man to live, and the desert so that he can find his soul. ~  Tuareg Proverb

If two wise men always agree, then one of them is obsolete. ~ Zambian Proverb

Have an excellent week,


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