Another 2 weeks in Burkina before going back to The Netherlands where I will spent the all month of July.

Women microcredit

Women in the village

This week we had 2 trips to villages to check list of women for microcredit. It is a rather hard work with the heat, the women are  not listening and the delay in getting started.

Many villagers do not have a watch (it is getting better with the development of mobile phones). Even if you make an appointment for 9:00 AM, they do not really know when is 9:00am. So they wait until we arrive in the village to start gathering. Since time is not too much of an issue for them, we have to wait patiently.

In the village of Kofila we had to verify over 450 women… We came back completely dead.

Nursery schools

We have 5 running nursery schools and a new one will open in October 2019. Children are 5 years old and the school is for one year. It is really a very good project and the parents are amazed to see what young children can learn. For them, young children are incapable to learn anything yet…

This is the period when the schools are closing for the vacation. The closing ceremony is always long but villagers enjoy it a lot. We went today to the school of Fina which has 64 pupils (34 girls and 30 boys).

The school of Fina which has 64 pupils (34 girls and 30 boys).

Closing ceremony

Lunch program

In the 12 villages where we are active there are 3.700 children in primary school. We are trying to supply goods for their lunch: rice, oil and salt. The parents have to provide 3.5kg of beans for proteins per child per year. The costs (for us) per child per year is 20 euro.

In the village of Bona, we will test a way to be able to provide 4 times more of proteins in a sustainable way.

Discussion about the project with the parents association and the teachers of Bona

The idea is to involve the children at school in giving them each 1kg of good seeds of beans. They will have to cultivate these with the help of their parents. We are only talking of a surface of 25 x25m. The harvest should be at least 45 kg of beans. This harvest is split in 2 parts: one part for the school of 25 kg and 20kg for the family.

The 25kg  for the school is also split  in 2: 15 kg for the lunch of the children and 10kg will be sold for cash to buy new seeds for the following year. After the initial investment, the program should fund itself.

We believe it can work since the children are working to get more food for themselves and that they can also bring something for the family. The initial investment for seeds is 4 euro per child for an increase of protein per school day from 5 to 20 grams.

Kids in the village

Saying of the day

For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness

Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

 Mahatma Gandhi

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