Children trying to watch through the window

Visit of the Association A Petits Pas

This week we have the visit of 6 French members of the association A Petits Pas (APP). APP is a major contributor to the funding of our projects in Burkina Faso.

A Petits Pas has funded many projects in 4 of our villages. We have centered their visit to the education side: nursery school and primary school. Reception in 2 of those villages have been very different.

The APP team

Many people in Kouekouesso and a good discussion on what are the main factors to have a great primary education

Happy children at the nursery school in Kouekouesso.

Much less people in nefrelaye but also a very good discussion.

Children of the nursery school in Nefrelaye with some toys brought by the visitors

The main conclusion is that parents do not spend enough time watching and helping their children. This is often a lack of confidence (I do not write or read, how can I help or control my children?) or lack of motivation (daughters will be married and boys will be workingat the farm).


In the past 3 years we have been able to fund 900 beehives in he villages where we are active.  Among the 180 beekeepers supported, 40% are women (each beekeeper get 5 hives). This is a major achievement, but this represents only 75 hives per village. We have demands for at least 1.000 more hives to help villagers to increase their income. One beekeeper will have an extra yearly income of an average of 50 euro.

For 500 euro we can provide 5 hives, accessories and training to one villager. It is little work for the villager and it is very good for the environment and pollination. This project works. Take contact with us for more information or for donation.

There are many “wild” swarms of bees as can be seen on the pictures of this baobab.

“wild” swarms of bees

“wild” swarms of bees

Bird along the way

Citations of Coluche (French humourist)

It seems that the crisis makes the rich people richer and the poor people poorer. I do not see how this is a crisis. Since I was little, that is how it has always been.

To criticize people one must know them, and to know them one must love them.

I wish you an excellent week,


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