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For a few days we had the visit of Frank and his daughter Stephanie. Frank has a company in The Netherlands called “Blue Wonder”. He has decided to sponsor manual water pumps produced by the association FAIRWATER called “Blue Pump”. The sponsoring comes out of the profit of his company.

We had the chance to have 2 pumps sponsored in 2018 and we hope to get 2 more in 2019.

You have to know that in Burkina Faso as in many other African countries, more than 50% of the water wells are not working due to failure of the manual pumps. The difference between the “blue pump” and other pumps is its maintenance free for 10 years and easiness to install and to repair when needed. This means that replacement of existing failure prone pumps is very important.

If the pump is broken women and girls have to walk long distances to catch clean water. In order to install the pump we needed to brake the old cement base and build a new one. Since cement has to dry, the school (children and teachers) did not have water for 3 days. They had to go to a well about 1km away to have water.

Frank and his daughter wanted to see themselves the pump and we were able to program the installation of one of their sponsored pump at the school of Bona where the old pump was failing at least twice a year with a lot of costs involved to repair it.

It took 2 hours to install the new pump and to have water running. All the pieces of the pump were available and the crew knew what they were doing: amazing for Africa. Paul van Beers (man behind the blue pump) has done a very good job in the conception of the pump and in the training of Issouf.

Lowering the pipe in the water well

Lowering the pump on metallic rodes

Installing the head of the pump

Frank and Stephanie pumping, children watching

The crew: president parents association, Issouf (blue pump specialist), Frank, Stephanie, 2 workers of Issouf, Moussa (school director) and one more worker of Issouf.


With the rainy season, the 2 farms we have are getting more active.

In the farm of Sokourani, we are growing peppers during the dry season.

During the rainy season, 13 students from the LAP (Agricultural school) are starting a training / work period of 2 ½ months.

This training is part of their curriculum.

In Sokourani we will be cultivating 17 Ha: sesame, beans, mucuna, peanuts.

In the farm of Mogobasso there is only 5 Ha to be cultivated. We will plant soja, peanuts and sesame.

This farm is dedicated to grafting. We will start after the rainy season with mango trees, then with cashew nuts trees and finally with shea nuts trees.

For The cashew trees, we have planted “grafted trees” 3 years ago. We will be able to take grafts as of next year. For the shea nuts trees, The grafted trees we have bought have already 3 years and we will need between 4 and 5 additional years before we can take grafts from them. Also only 25% of the grafting will be successful.  It is a long process.

Left the grafted shea nuts trees and right the mango trees which will be grafted.

In Mogobasso we have 4 students doing their training. Their subject is the comparison between two types of tomato grown during the rainy season.

Situation in Burkina Faso

A large part of the east and north of the country is not really under the control of the government. Population are fleeing the areas. This is not a easy situation to handle.

Since a large number of schools are closed, more than 1.000 teachers will have to be reassigned in not dangerous zone of the country. This is also the case for health personnel, administration personnel.

A consequence is that the ministry of education will not recruit new teachers who have been trained in private training schools. It was a lucrative business for many people a few years ago. Now those private teachers schools are closing every day.

Along the road

Falcons (picture taken behind a dirty windshield)

Stephanie with the girls at the LAP (Agricultural secondary boarding school)

It is the beginning of the harvest of the shea nuts

Saying of the week from Coluche

Technocrats, it’s the guys that, when you ask them a question, once they finish answering, you do not understand anymore the question you asked.

Marriage, trust is not there. We need witnesses, as in accidents.

End of another busy trip in Burkina, next trip sometime in September. If you have comments or questions on what is said in the blogs, do not hesitate to write to us.

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