25 November 2018

The Harmattan season has arrived. It occurs between the end of November and the middle of March. It is characterized by the dry and dusty north-easterly trade wind of the same name, which blows from the Sahara Desert over West Africa into the Gulf of Guinea. The Harmattan picks up fine dust and sand particles.

The days are still warm, but the nights can become rather cold (less than 20oC). People can easily get sick from this change of temperature. To protect children from the dust, mothers put Shae butter in their nostrils.

We are looking for funds for the primary school of Fon

Last week I showed a picture of the school of Kouekouesso, and in a previous week the one of Sidi 2. Both were completed in 2018.

The school of Kouekouesso was funded by the French association A Petits Pas. The one in Sidi 2 was funded in part by a Dutch company and by the secondary school ‘t Atrium of Amersfoort in The Netherlands together with the Dutch association Wilde Ganzen.

Who is going to fund the extension of the school of Fon? This village also needs an extra building of 3 classrooms in order to accommodate its many children. Can you help, or do you know somebody who can? Please contact us.

Class in the primary school of Fon

Class in the primary school of Fon

Use of local cereals to make bread

In town, but it is also developing in the country side, Burkinabe eat quite a lot of bread. It is a bread made with wheat flour which is all imported.

We have found a project in Senegal who is promoting the use of local cereals (millet and corn) in bread and pastries. This does not replace completely the importation of wheat, but it decreases it if many bakeries would produce this new bread.

We are working on a project to start a bakery activity at the LAP (Lycée Agricole Privé) based on the “formulas” of the project in Senegal. This project has several objectives: test the reactions of customers to this new bread in a rural environment, produce bread for the LAP students, have some of the students trained in making bread.

Yesterday Eugénie and I (mostly Eugénie) we have produced some of the bread with millet flour and with corn flour.

Eugénie did a good job and the breads are excellent.

Bread baked by Eugénie

Millet plant

Saying of the week from Cicerone

Les hommes sont comme les vins : avec le temps, les bons s’améliorent et les mauvais s’aigrissent.”

Men are like wines: with time, the good ones get better and the bad ones get bitter. “

Nous sommes esclaves des lois pour pouvoir être libres

We are slaves of the laws in order to be free.

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