Become a sponsor

Whom are we looking for? We are looking for sponsors who wish to “adopt” one student for € 360 per year for 4 years. Since it is a 4-years course, we want to ask you to support a child for 4 years. What can you expect as a sponsor? Background information of the...

Where is the LAP?

Where is the school located? The school is built in the province of Houet, department of Léna in Burkina Faso. The land of 31 Ha has been given to ASAP by the village of Oualana. LAP students

LAP students

Who is going to attend this school? Children starting the school will be between 12 and 15 years old. The number of children per year will be limited to 70. Students from10 villages will be able to attend the school. Results expected From 70 students starting the...

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