The ASAP Foundation established a secondary agricultural school (LAP) in 2011, where we prepare our students for entrepreneurship in the agricultural field through high-quality education.

The LAP is a boarding school where children stay internally. This school year, the LAP has no fewer than 320 students (50% of whom are girls) and the school has been around for 10 years!
All children who go to the LAP come from poor farming or refugee families. Parents are therefore unable to pay the study costs of their children entirely themselves, their contribution is 120 euros and 250 kg of corn per child.

We are now looking for sponsors for the remaining amount (420 euros per student per year), would you like to help? Gladly!
If you decide to sponsor a LAP student, you contribute to school fees, a school uniform, school materials and medical costs.
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Then scan the QR code to pay € 10,00 for sponsoring a student in Burkina Faso. Use the Camera App on your phone! xRx-QEek-DwWCEQ

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