Investing in sustainable development

Foundation ASAP helps to alleviate poverty in the villages of Burkina Faso

ASAP was founded in 1997 by Hervé Millet, following a 40-year long exchange of letters with his pen pal Jean Millogo in Burkina Faso. Hervé secured an arrangement between a village and the government of Burkina Faso. If the inhabitants of Fina village built a medical clinic themselves, the government would send a nurse. To have their own badly needed clinic was a longtime wish of the villagers.

What makes ASAP unique is that it insists on the involvement of villagers in order to achieve sustainable development. The funds required to run the foundation are kept as low as possible, which means that ASAP devotes 95 % of raised funds to projects in Burkina Faso!


The farm in the village Sokourani

Eugénie arrived this weekend. She came from a snowy Boston to a 40° C climate via  windy and rainy Netherlands. Here there is no rain but it is really becoming hot with a lot of dust in the air. The farm of Sokourani In Sokourani we have a farm of 22 Ha. It was...

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Beekeeping in Burkina Faso

Aquaponics Each month we buy smoked fish to add to the meal of the students at the LAP. So we are looking at solution to have our own fish farm at the LAP. To raise fish, water is needed. Most systems require a lot of water which is then disposed of. This water can be...

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Cotton farmers in Burkina Faso

The vicious circle of cotton farmers I have written a lot about cotton in previous blogs, but I have to let out my frustration in writing about it once again. Cotton is the main cash crop for farmers because of the possibility to get field inputs at credit (seeds,...

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How can you help us?

Donations in kind

We can always use office supplies for our office in Burkina Faso! Also clothing is very welcome.

Finance projects

You can ASAP by making a donation. Both one-time and monthly or annual donations are more than welcome!

Buy products in our shop

Beautiful bronze sculptures created by renowned artists. The proceeds benefit our Foundation!

Accredited charity

The ASAP Foundation is an accredited charity. That means that we meet strict quality requirements. Supervisor CBF checks this on a regular basis. So you can be sure that we are accountable, contribute to a better world and handle every euro with care. Would you like to know more about accredited charities and making a donation? Please go to

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