The ASAP Foundation

The ASAP Foundation who are we?

Kinderen in een ASAP dorp

Foundation Association for Small African Projects (ASAP) has been active since 1997 in alleviating poverty in villages around Bobo Dioulasso. We do this by offering the inhabitants of Burkina Faso education, care and a sustainable economy. The men and women in the villages set their own priorities. They contribute time, money or property to the realisation of development projects. With this ASAP contributes to sustainable development and self-sufficiency.

Proportional development

According to our vision this is only possible if a community works together in proportional development of health and environment, education and emancipation and the economy. Sufficient capacity of villages to organize themselves is essential in this respect. ASAP supports the villages therefore in strengthening this capacity.

Focused on multiples facets

An approach that is solely focused on Health (for example, providing mosquito nets) or education (such as the building of a primary school) or on economy (such as helping when starting a company) will not be sustainable. In order to keep a business up and running skilled people are needed. And in achieving good results at primary school it is important that children are healthy etc.

Knowledge dissemination

To determine the focus of development ASAP creates  a ‘ picture ‘ of the village. Geographically the Foundation focuses on remote rural villages in the area of Bobo Dioulasso, the second city of Burkina Faso. ASAP is not able to reach all villages near Bobo Dioulasso. We believe that if we can educate the villagers to develop themselves so their knowledge will spread within the region, the influence and the result will be many times greater than the initial effort.

Statutory purpose

The statutory purpose of the ASAP Foundation is “to develop, realize, support and finance small development projects in Burkina Faso”. We provide people in Burkina Faso the means and skills they need to break out of the spiral of poverty.


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