ASAP 25 years!

ASAP Foundation celebrates it’s 25th anniversary this year! We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved, thanks in part to your support, but of course we will continue!

And therefore: 25 euros for 25 years! Our anniversary theme is: food!

We would like to ask you to sponsor our lunch program with 25 euros. This gives a child lunch at primary school for no less than a year. Also in Burkina Faso there are huge price increases and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the parents to give their children a good meal. And of course a child cannot learn and perform well without food!

An anniversary calls for extra activities. What have we come up with now? If you sponsor 25 euros and transfer 5 euros extra, you can compete for this beautiful statue!
You heard it right! On July 23th, we raffle this beautiful bronze statue: “La belle bleue” made by Adama Gandema, one of the best artists in Burkina Faso.

So don’t wait: take part in (anniversary) action, all you have to do is scan this QR code!

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Of course you can also simply transfer an amount of 25 euros (possibly supplemented with 5 euros for the raffle statue) to us via the account number below:
IBAN: NL59 RABO 0383705967

ASAP Foundation exists 25 years!

And our main goal has not changed in recent years: to carry out projects to help villagers in Burkina Faso to get out of the poverty spiral!
What we have achieved in the meantime is a shift in priority. In the beginning, this was in building infrastructure in the villages we support, such as building schools, medical centers, women’s houses and bridges. This priority has now shifted to economic projects, because together with the villagers we have managed to realize most of the infrastructure!

Important pillars

We focus on:

  • Education
  • Women and girls
  • Health
  • Economy and environment


Our projects are all connected. Only working on education, for example, is not sustainable in the long term. To be able to run a business you need people who are educated, but to achieve good results at school it is important that children are healthy. Everything is connected!

Attention and development

Child development is an important focus for ASAP, as this generation can play an important role in the future of Burkina Faso. We also focus especially on women and girls, because there is still inequality between men and women. It is not easy for women and girls in a country like Burkina Faso.

What distinguishes ASAP?

What distinguishes ASAP, and what we are very proud of, is that men and women from the villages determine their priorities themselves, they indicate the need for projects and come to us with this. Moreover, the villagers are always asked to participate in the project. They also contribute time, money and/or goods to the realization of this. What is free has no value!

What have we achieved in 25 years?


In Burkina Faso is het nog niet vanzelfsprekend dat kinderen naar school gaan. Jongens worden over het algemeen wel naar school gestuurd, zij kunnen dan later voor hun ouders zorgen. Voor meisjes is dit heel anders. Zij gaan immers trouwen en komen daarmee in een andere familie terecht.

Met goed onderwijs heeft een kind een basis, meer kansen in het leven. Stichting ASAP zorgt voor een veilige omgeving, goed onderwijs en een warme maaltijd. Juist dit trekt ouders vaak over de streep, het feit dat hun kinderen goed te eten krijgen. Bovendien leren de kinderen over het belang van hygiëne, dit geven zij thuis weer door aan hun ouders.


  • Nursery schools
    There are few nursery schools in rural Burkina Faso. That is why ASAP has established 6 nursery schools. These are supported by ASAP and partners from the villages. The schools are for children from 5 years old and are managed by an association of mothers from the village. 330 children attend nursery school.
    The main goal of this project is to introduce children to school in a playful way. It also prepares them for primary school.
  • Primary schools
    We have built 67 classrooms and 66 houses for teachers, arranged a lunch program and distributed textbooks. This translates into a large increase in the number of children attending primary school.
    – From 800 students in 2002 to 3.750 in 2021.
    – 50% to 80% of compulsory school children attend primary school.
    – From 50% to 70% success in passing the final exam in primary schools.
    – Better health for the children thanks to an extra meal.
  • Secondary education


ASAP has started to support secondary education by offering scholarships in good general secondary schools in Banfora city. From 2007 to 2011, 67 students were sponsored by this program. However, we discontinued this program in 2011 and established a secondary agricultural school (LAP) ourselves.

Lycee Agricole Privé (LAP)

The program of this school is more than 8 years. In those 8 years there are 3 national exams: the BEPC after 4 years (general exam), the BEP Agricole 2 years later and finally the BAC PRO Agricole at the end of the 8 years. The LAP emphasizes entrepreneurship in its programme.

The LAP is a boarding school and offers high-quality and adapted education to children from poor farming families and, since 2020, to children from refugee families.

ASAP has invested more than 1.000.000 euros in infrastructure on a 42 ha site donated by a village.

This school year there are 303 students (149 boys and 154 girls). The LAP employs 20 people.


  • Scholarships in Banfora:
  • 75% of the students passed the BEPC, 50% got another exam later and 63% went to university.
  • LAP students:
  • 75% achieved the BEPC, 83% the BEP agricole.

Health/women and girls

Health is an important precondition for addressing other topics such as education and economic development. In rural villages in Burkina Faso, clean drinking water is often not available and there is no access to medical care. Also, people often have no knowledge about preventive care or lack the resources for it, such as hygiene or protection against malaria mosquitoes.

Women and girls do not have an easy time in a country like Burkina Faso, because there is still inequality between men and women. For example, it is not self-evident that girls go to school, because when they get married they will belong to another family. This is different for boys, they can take care of their family later on!

What have we achieved?
ASAP has built 6 nationwide medical centers that facilitate access to medical care. 40 wells equipped with a hand pump have also been dug to improve access to clean water.

Other realized health projects are:
Distribution of mosquito nets to reduce malaria cases.
Distribution of masks and soap at the time of COVID-19.
Distribution of hygiene kits for menstruation.

– 9.500 villagers have easier access to health care.
– 5.000 women/girls don’t have to walk as far to get clean drinking water.
– There are 50% fewer acute malaria cases among children in the villages.
– 500 women/girls have good protection against menstruation.

Over the years ASAP has provided many training courses to villagers. The most important impact is the awareness of women.

– Women in the villages supported by ASAP are more self-reliant.
– Women’s associations are organized and managed transparently.
– Women have more power in the villages.


The villagers in Burkina Faso are not too concerned about the environment. It is not easy to make it clear to them that there is a link between poor harvests, infertile soil and climate change. The women cut down trees to cook and the men make a broom from the wood to clean their piece of land. The main goal of ASAP is still that the villagers plant more new trees than they cut down.

What have we achieved?
ASAP has helped to plant 110.000 trees (20.000 of which are fruit trees). The success rate of the trees is 50% for hedge trees and 85% for fruit trees.
We also distributed 1,000 metal ovens that reduce the consumption of wood for cooking by 30%.

– We have reduced the number of trees cut down for cooking by 70.000 each year.
– 6.000 trees are now growing, which contributes to the CO2 compensation!

Economic projects

Economic projects are more successful with women than with men. This is mainly due to the social control that is present in the women and not in the men. Below is a small selection of what we support.

In 2002 ASAP started a simple microcredit project with 80 women from the village of Kofila. No fewer than 3.200 women from the villages are now taking part in this project. The average amount of credit per woman in 2020 was 30 euros at an annual interest rate of 7%.
This program ensures that poor women have some extra money with which to develop income-generating activities.

In 8 villages, 1.200 beehives have been made available to villagers (50% of which are women). With this project, beekeepers can earn an extra turnover of an average of 50 euros per year. The beekeepers are organized in cooperatives.

Shea butter
ASAP has helped women in 6 villages to sell their production of shea butter. First we were able to sell 3 containers to European customers. Now the shea butter is bought by SCOOPS VPMD (an ASAP partner) for soap making.

Garden project
In a village a garden project has been set up for 63 women. By growing vegetables they have an increase in turnover of about 50 euros per year and they can also use vegetables for cooking themselves.

Grafted cashew trees
We have distributed 20.000 grafted cashew trees to 200 farmers. These trees produce 50% more nuts than other trees. This increase in production gives an extra yield of 300 euros per farmer.

– Opportunity for 3.200 women to do an income-generating activity.
– Extra turnover of 50 euros per year for 120 beekeepers.
– Extra turnover with the sale of shea butter for 120 women.
– Gardening helps 63 women to earn an extra 50 euros a year.
– Potential of 300 euros extra for 200 farmers per year with grafted cashew trees.

What have we achieved in 25 years, thanks in part to your support?

– 8.000.000 euros in fundraising with which we have been able to set up fantastic projects!
– Employment for 39 people (at our head office, sewing workshop and at the LAP).
– Support as many as 16.000 villagers!

We are of course very proud of this and are happy to continue to work for the villagers in Burkina Faso. Your support in this is essential, for which we thank you very much!

Stay informed of our developments!