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We are always looking for schools which would like to organise an activity for charity. Remember: however small the donation, ASAP appreciates your support very much. Every little bit helps and is of vital importance for our projects!

Activities, presentations and co-operation with schools make young people aware of circumstances in Africa, particularly in Burkina Faso, and the work that the ASAP Foundation does there.

Are you are a student, interested in charitable organisations, and would you like to know more about the ASAP Foundation?
We’d like to hear from you!

Money is spent where it’s needed

The organisation’s small scale and the fact that the director spends 6 to 8 months of the year in Burkina Faso closely following projects, means that you can be sure that money is spent in the right place. Should any village fail to keep to the agreements made, appropriate action will be taken. For example, should a village fail to repay a loan granted for a grain mill, the grain mill will be repossessed.


Every euro counts! For 5 euros we can, for example, make a whole family happy with a mosquito net, which is still of vital importance in the fight against malaria. In the villages where ASAP has distributed mosquito nets, a 75% drop has been reported in acute malaria cases!


ASAP gives presentations at both primary and secondary schools. Are you interested in a presentation or do you think it would be fun to organize an activity with your school, such as a collection, charity walk or run, or sale? Please contact us via or +31 35 -6952878.

Ideas for Activities

Charity run or walk

Take action and have fun walking or running with your class, and let parents, relatives and friends sponsor you for the ASAP Foundation.

Rummage Sale or Flea Market

Gathering items no longer needed at home is a good way to prepare for a rummage sale or flea market. You can sell your items, find nice things for yourself and have a good time.

Bake cookies and cakes, make paintings or jewelry, paint faces

You can of course also sell other things at a market! You can bake cookies or muffins, for example, paint pictures or make jewelry, or make up children’s faces and ask for a contribution.  

Sport for Burkina

Do you have a football tournament or other event? Then ask the organization whether the income from, for example, the food and drinks sold on this day can be donated to the ASAP Foundation!
The children in Burkina Faso do not have many resources to play sports, so with your proceeds footballs or maybe even a football goal can be sponsored!

Deposit action

Start a deposit campaign for Burkina with your school. For example, agree on a period of one week during which you and your classmates collect as many bottles as possible and return them to a supermarket near you!

Social Media

Or drum up as many friends, acquaintances and family members as you can and collect money via social media.

Background Information

Burkina Faso lies in western Africa; its neighbouring countries include Ghana, Niger and Mali. Ouagadougou is the capital. The main language is French but many other languages are spoken as well. Bobo Dioulasso, the city wherefrom ASAP operates, is located in the west of the country.

Off to School
In 2011 ASAP opened a small kindergarten in the little village of Nefrelaye. This had a large influence on not only the village children but also its adults. At school, children can play. This may seem unusual, but children in Burkina Faso play little at home. Now that they are able to play in kindergarten, the children are happier and so are their parents! Children learn all kinds of things at school and parents are beginning to see that they in turn can learn things from their children. For example, now many families always wash their hands before meals as the children have learned about hygiene at school.

ASAP’s Approach
ASAP is active in ten villages, where we focus on various projects. In order to solve village problems and improve living conditions, several fields must be addressed simultaneously. Projects have therefore been developed which work towards improving education, economic development, medical care, infrastructure, emancipation, the agricultural sector and the environment.
These fields are all interconnected. Addressing, for example, only education, will not be sustainable in the long term. In order to run a small business, people must be trained; in order for children to obtain good results in school, they must be healthy. Everything is interconnected!
Healthy child development is one of ASAP’s prime focus areas, as it is today’s younger generation which can play an important role in Burkina Faso’s future.

Stay informed of our developments!