The Association for Small African Projects (ASAP) is a foundation which has been working to relieve poverty in villages around Bobo Dioulasso since 1997. This we do by offering villagers education and medical care, and by supporting initiatives which contribute to a sustainable economy. The men and women in the villages set their own priorities. They donate time, money or goods to the projects. Through this approach, ASAP contributes to sustainable development and helps the villagers become self- sufficient.

Transfer of Knowledge

In order to determine which development activities to concentrate on primarily, ASAP takes a “photograph” of the village concerned. ASAP’s reach is limited to rural villages around Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso’s second largest city. ASAP will not be able to help all villages in the Bobo Dioulasso area, but if we are able to help villagers help themselves, and knowledge is transferred throughout the region, the influence and results of activities will spread much more widely than the radius of the initial effort.

Balanced Development

ASAP is active in ten villages, where we focus on various projects. In order to help solve village problems and improve living conditions, several fields must be addressed simultaneously. Projects have therefore been developed which work towards improving education, economic development, medical care, infrastructure, emancipation, the agricultural sector and the environment.


These fields are interconnected. Addressing, for example, only education, will not be sustainable in the long term. In order to run a small business, people must be trained; in order for children to obtain good results in school, they must be healthy. Everything is interconnected!

Awareness and Development

Healthy child development is one of ASAP’s prime focus areas, as it is today’s younger generation which can play an important role in Burkina Faso’s future. We also focus especially on women and girls, as there is still inequality between men and women. Women and girls don’t have it easy in a country like Burkina Faso.

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