News from Burkina

It is always very difficult to get the truth about the information that comes from Burkina Faso. This is the case for violence and now for the Coronavirus.

Official reports point to a few new infections per day. Often they are “imported cases” meaning people who have been infected in a neighboring country. Mostly these are the truck drivers who have the right to cross borders. It is very similar to the transmission of AIDS.

Speaking with our local acquaintances, there does not seem to have been any cases in their close environment, which is good news. However, barrier measures are very difficult to apply and testing is practically non-existent.

Message from 2 students of the LAP

Alimatou, class of BEPA 2

Covid-19 affected me a lot because it had many consequences for me. On the one hand, from an educational point of view, the disease forced us to do only one semester instead of two. Indeed, as a student in the exam class, I am currently faced with programs that are not yet completed, with the exams that are fast approaching. I fear that this will negatively impact my academic results.

On the other hand, I have concerns for my little brothers who are in the middle classes with all these unfinished programs. In many cases they will pass with averages that do not reflect their level and they may have difficulties at the start of the next school year.

In addition, and this looks like a good thing, the disease requires us to respect certain rules that are very good for our general health, namely regular hand washing.

Finally, I realize that I really missed my friends from school during this long time of confinement.

Salimata, class of third year

The coronavirus has had a big impact on me.

First, I had to go on early vacation which took place on 03/16/2020 instead of 03/20/2020 and that forced us to do two trimesters instead of three.

In addition, the school exams have been postponed several times and this could have negative consequences on the results of my older brothers who are in exam classes and I will not be happy in case of any failure.

In addition, I am in an intermediate class and  the programs were accelerated from June 1, 2020 with all the consequences linked to a possible misunderstanding of the courses. I’m afraid this will lower my overall grade next year.

Finally I was very worried about the resumption of this school year because many of our parents told us that it was the end for school this year. But since we started again, I’m still happy.

New installation at the LAP

Since the beginning of the year we have had an additional water tower at the LAP. In order to treat the water on a regular basis we installed a Dosatron pump which pumps chlorinated water into the system according to the flow rate of the water inlet.

This chlorinated water is obtained from common salt and water thanks to the WATA device.

New installation

Statues of the week from Adama Gandema

Elephant, 25cm

Pause sous l’arbre, 60 cm

Sayings of the week 

Happiness is born of selflessness and unhappiness of selfishness. “Buddha

Selfishness is not self-love, but a disordered passion for self. “Aristotle

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