Carts for women

This project is carried out in Burkina Faso by APPA
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Help women and girls transport their goods more efficiently

In rural areas, women and girls carry water and almost everything on their heads. For example they might need to bring wood and crops from the land, water jugs from the well and then all the way to the market. Just a few women have access to a donkey with wagon. Women prefer to carry things on their heads because they usually carry a child on their back as well. It is simply easier to carry things on their heads than in their hands. Although it seems easy for them to carry 30 kg loads on their heads, this usually causes neck pain. Sometimes they need to travel back and forth several times with their heavy loads.

What does the project entail?

ASAP makes handcarts available to women in villages. The carts are designed to carry different kinds of goods and are adapted to the uneven paths where they are pushed and pulled. This specific model has been selected by women for its reliability and efficiency in the villages. The carts are built in Bobo Dioulasso by a local craftsman.

What are the results?

Women and girls avoid neck pain and are able to transport more goods in a shorter time span. This means they have more time to spend with their families. Moreover, the use of handcarts creates more work for the local craftsman!

How much does it cost ?

50 euros. The women each contribute 20 euros.

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