Children attend nursery school

This project is carried out in Burkina Faso by APPA
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Help children attend nursery school

We at ASAP Foundation believe that early education is essential for child development. In Burkina Faso, most nursery schools are located in the cities and are run by private individuals who are mainly driven by profit. That is why ASAP opens nursery schools in villages, on a non-profit basis.

The nursery schools are run by an association of mothers from the villages, under our supervision. A large part of the running costs are financed by ASAP.
The primary aim of the nursery school is to help children, in a playful way, become familiar with the school environment before they reach primary school. We have been impressed by the impact this has had, even at village level.

What does the project entail?

The nursery school is open to five year olds for a period of one year. In a friendly and quiet environment, they learn to open up to new social skills and also become familiar with numbers and letters, among other things. In the morning, they are served a snack.

What are the results?

The children learn to wash their hands before they enter the classroom, before eating and after going to the toilet. When they return home, they also want to wash their hands, a habit which is also taken over by the entire family. This influence is so far reaching that the first group of children who made it from nursery school to primary school refused to enter the classroom without first washing their hands!

Another important effect is that children begin to ask questions to their parents, which is unusual in Burkina Faso. Children don’t usually “speak“ with adults. One father was so surprised that his son asked him one evening about his plans for the following day, that it took him quite some time to realise what had just happened.

A positive side effect is that children get sick less frequently because of the good hygiene and the extra meal they get at school. Moreover, children who have attended nursery school have a 30% better chance of completing primary school.

Parents who send their child to nursery school also tend to let him or her move on to primary school after that. Luckily, more and more girls go to school.

How much does it cost?

85 euros per child per year.

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