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This project is carried out in Burkina Faso by APPA
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Provide girls and women with adequate protection during menstruation

Having your period is tough for women and girls in rural areas. That’s because they have no access to protection like menstruation pads. They often use old clothes or a piece of cotton that are neither comfortable nor hygienic. As they are often ashamed, they tend to skip school or work during menstruation.

What does the project entail?

We distribute sanitary pads that offer protection to women during menstruation. The pads are washable and can be used every month for a period of three years. We also provide sexual education classes in the villages and try to discuss things openly. We find it important to teach girls and women to say “no”. In West Africa, relations between men and women are different than in Europe. The man is still very much the boss of the family in Burkina Faso.

A menstrual hygiene kit consists of :
1 bag with a drawstring, 1 instruction sheet, 2 moisture barriers, 2 sets of underwear, 8 absorbent pads, 2 ziploc plastic bags, 1 washcloth and 1 piece of soap.
The menstrual hygiene kits are made and distributed by ASAP.






What are the results?

Girls no longer miss classes and women simply go to work during their period. They have fewer health issues and more self-respect. Moreover, our ASAP office in Burkina Faso employs 5 women who make the menstrual hygiene kits. We also get requests from other organisations to produce kits for them.

How much does it cost?

8 euros for one set. The women and girls pay a personal contribution of 4 euro. The total cost for a menstrual hygiene kit is therefore 12 euros.

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