Economy and environment in Burkina Faso

The villagers in Burkina Faso are not that concerned about the environment. It is not easy to make it clear to them that there is a connection between the poor harvest, barren soil and climate change. The women cut down trees for cooking and the men make a broom out of the wood to keep their piece of land clean.

The main goal of ASAP is still that the villagers plant more new trees than they cut down.

Micro credit

A micro credit helps women to set up a small business. They are very resourceful in this regard; keep sheep or goats, make shea butter, beer or pies and sell it on the market, or buy, for example, 5 kg of salt and sell it on in small quantities.


Women are the backbone of economic activity in the villages. They are always looking for a new source of income. ASAP Foundation provides women with beehives, gives training on how to become a beekeeper and buys the raw honey from the women. This raw honey is processed by ASAP into honey that can be sold on the market.

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