ASAP Foundation started a secondary agricultural school (LAP) in 2011, because the level of secondary education in Burkina Faso is quite low and does not match the level of our primary schools. Moreover, the schools are located in the city, making them difficult to reach for young people from the countryside.

Boarding school
The LAP is a boarding school. We offer children who come from poor rural families the opportunity to follow an in-house 4-year agricultural education, adapted to their needs. After this training, they can move on to a further training that also lasts 4 years.

After completing this training, young people have a better chance of finding a job or starting their own project. After the 2nd cycle, they continue on to university.

Would you like to help?

Sponsoring a student costs:
360 euros per child per year for cycle 1. This cycle lasts 4 years. The parents also pay: a personal contribution of 50 euros and 250 kg of corn.
480 euros for cycle 2, this cycle also lasts 4 years. Parents pay a contribution of 90 euros and 250 kg of corn for this.

Your sponsorship contribution includes school fees, a school uniform, school materials and medical costs.

More information? Then go to: (LAP website in Burkina Faso) or

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