Sponsoring students secondary agricultural school (LAP)

This project is carried out in Burkina Faso by APPA
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Helping children get high school education

In 2011, the ASAP Foundation inaugurated an agricultural high school ( LAP), in response to the low level of high school education in Burkina Faso. That level does not match the level of education offered in ASAP’s primary schools. On top of that, the high schools are located in cities, which makes them difficult of access for village youths.
The LAP is a boarding school. Your contribution as a sponsor includes tuition fees, a uniform, school materials and medical costs.

What does the project entail?

ASAP offers children from poor families in rural areas the opportunity to follow a good quality 4-year agricultural training programme that is adapted to their needs. After this programme, they can follow an advanced curriculum for another 4 years.  Girls and boys are accommodated in separate dormitories. Teachers and staff have their own house.

What are the results?

Youths have a greater chance to find a job or to start their own project. After the second cycle, they can pursue university education. With their first cycle diploma, they can earn a 50% higher salary, and with their the second cycle diploma, the increase is 120% more.
On top of that children are more likely to stay in rural areas and help develop the agricultural sector. Plus they feel less pressure to migrate.

How much does it cost?

Cycle 1 (4 years): 420 euros per child per year. The students’ parents contribute 120 euro and 250 kg maize.
Cycle 2 (4 years): 540 euros per student per year. The students’ parents contribute 160 euro and 250 kg maize.

More information?

This link: www.asaplap.org leads you to the LAP’s website.

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