Large slates for primary schools

This project is carried out in Burkina Faso by APPA
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Help children learn better in big classes

Primary school lasts 6 years in Burkina Faso. In rural areas, school results are much lower than in urban areas. While the pass grade in a city primary school is around 80%, in a village primary school it’s only 55%. There are many reasons for the discrepancy: a shortage of motivated teachers in rural areas, lack of follow-up of the parents by their children and difficulties that the children experience while studying. The biggest problems they encounter are the large number of pupils in the classrooms, the long distance they need to walk to school and the lack of school supplies. When the children come home with low grades, parents become reluctant to continue sending them to school so many children end up dropping out of school, unfortunately.

Classes in primary schools in Burkina Faso are large. A better way to make it easier for children to learn in large classes is to divide them up in groups. To encourage this, ASAP provides the schools with big blackboards where the children can work on their assignments.

What does the project entail?

We make sure that there is at least one large slate per 5 pupils in all primary school classes.

What are the results?

The availability of large slates makes it easier to teach and learn in large classes and improves the working conditions for both children and teachers. More parents send their children to school and there are fewer school dropouts. At the end of the school year, the pass rate goes up from 55% to 85 %.

How much does it cost?

One large slate costs 8 euros.

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