Maison de la femme

This project is carried out in Burkina Faso by APPA
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Help women get their own meeting place

In the villages, women need their own space where they can gather for meetings, medical checkups and vaccinations, otherwise they feel uncomfortable. They also need a place where their association can store up their tools and their harvest.

Vaccinations are now carried out in difficult conditions and only a very small percentage of women show up for pregnancy and medical checkups for their children. The new Maison as a neutral space helps resolve all those problems.

What does the project entail?

Building a house for women, or Maison de la femme in a village. The women themselves provide sand, gravel, stones and water which they gather around the village with a donkey cart. With this contribution by the women, ASAP gets a 3% rebate from the building contractor, which is more than welcome!

What are the results?

Having their own house encourages women to play a more active role in local associations and to create more small economic activities. Women use the sheltered area as a marketplace. In general it stimulates the emancipation of women in the villages.
The house for women contributes to greater cohesion among the women, more women show up for pregnancy checkups and more children are vaccinated.

How much does it cost?

11.508 euros. The women’s own contribution consists of construction materials they gather around the village.

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