Schoolbooks for primary school

This project is carried out in Burkina Faso by APPA
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Books to help children learn how to read

Children in Burkina Faso spend 6 years in primary school. Primary school results in rural areas are not as good as in urban environments. In the cities, the average grade is 80%, in comparison with 55% in villages. There are reasons for those lower results: a shortage of motivated teachers, not enough children follow-up their parents and learning difficulties.

The biggest problem they face are the large number of children in one class, the distance between their homes and their schools, and the lack of school supplies. The poor results in rural primary schools do not encourage parents to send their children to school. Consequently, many children drop out of school. In the past, schoolbooks were provided by the government. That number decreases every year. In the villages, the books don’t last longer than seven years, and even less so when just a few books are shared by 30-40 children and are not well taken care of.

What does the project entail?

We want to ensure that in every primary school classroom, there is at least one book for every 2 pupils.
The books can be bought at the market. The school director and the parents’ association are responsible for the books and make sure they are well taken care of. We will stamp the ASAP logo on different pages to prevent that the books are resold.

What are the results?

When books are available, children’s reading skills increase by more than 30%. The learning climate improves, for both teachers and children. More children are sent to school and there are fewer school-leavers. School grades improve too, from 55% to 85%.

How much does it cost?

5 euros for one book.

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