Women and girls in Africa

It is not easy for women and girls in a country like Burkina Faso, because there is still inequality between men and women. For example, it is not self-evident that girls go to school, because when they get married later they will join another family. This is different for boys, they can take care of their family later!

Maison de la Femme

Women from the villages need a space of their own where they can gather for meetings, for medical checks and vaccinations and a place where they, as a women’s association, can store their tools and harvest.

Providing micro credits

A micro credit helps women to set up a small business. They are very resourceful in this regard; keep sheep or goats, make shea butter, beer or pies and sell it on the market, or buy, for example, 5 kg of salt and sell it on in small quantities.

Handcarts for women

In rural areas, the transport of water and goods is mainly done on the heads of women and girls. For example, they have to take wood, water containers and harvest products from the land, from the well and to the market.

Protection during menstruation (hygiene kits)

Women and girls from the villages have a hard time during their periods. This is mainly because they do not have the right means to protect themselves. They often use old clothes or a piece of cotton, which of course is not comfortable and also not hygienic. For this reason, they often do not go to school or work during their period because of shame.

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